Get Started

Step 5: All in one place


We have created some handy example directory for the tutorial you just went through. You can find it at examples/tutorial (opens in a new tab). Directory structure is as follows


Download the example directory with URL (opens in a new tab)

mkdir tldr-getting-started/
# copy the downloaded zip file to the directory
unzip ~/Downloads/cosmology-tech\ starship\ main\ -d tldr-getting-started/

Now you can run the commands from the example directory

cd tldr-getting-started/
# Install dependencies, install starship helm chart, create kind cluster
make clean setup
# Install the starship instance and run port-forward
make start
# OR, if you are low on resources on local machine
make start-tiny
# Stop the cluster with
make stop

Checkout the for more details on the commands, you can even run the commands individually, if some commands are having trouble.

Once you are done, you can all the resources with

make clean